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Information for babycare Professionals and Students

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Cot Life 2000 issues the following publications free of charge:

  • Leaflet:  The Cause of Cot Death and How to Prevent it 

This eight-page leaflet is issued for distribution to parents and prospective parents. It contains a summary of the toxic gas theory for cot death, results of analyses of infant bedding, and full information on how to wrap a baby's mattress for cot death prevention.

For babycare professionals in New Zealand: Copies of leaflet available for all parents in your caseload.

For babycare professionals in other countries: Leaflet available with no restriction on photocopying.  0

  • Article texts:  The Cause of Cot Death and How to Prevent it
Article texts are available for publication in the general print media and on websites.  These articles explain the toxic gas theory for cot death, provide statistics regarding the New Zealand mattress-wrapping campaign, and contain a critique of items of orthodox cot death prevention advice.  They are well received by parents and other lay readers.  No copyright charge applies.
  • Power Point presentation:  The Cause of Cot Death and How to Prevent it  click here

This presentation provides information on the cause of cot death, instructions on how to wrap a baby's mattress for cot death prevention, and statistical results of the New Zealand mattress-wrapping campaign.  Recommended for use by babycare lecturers, babycare advisers and students.


Dr. Jim Sprott (Penguine 1996)

The Cot Death Cover-up?
Read Chaper one! 
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NBC News and Dr. Jim Sprott in California


Has The Causes of SIDS (Crib Death) Been Found?
By Jane Sheppard

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The Cot Death Cover-up?
Cot Death "No Medical Cause"
How to prevent SIDS (Cot Death)
Limerick Report
Success of Mattress Wrapping
Mechanism of Cot Death (SIDS)

Results of Bedding Analysis
Information about Sheepskins
Head flattening (plagiocephaly)
Statistics of New Zealand Mattress Wrapping
Information for professional students
Cot Death (SIDS) Cause and Prevention
Cot Death Today

Abnormal Brainstems not a cause of SIDS
Baby Safe Mattress Covers
Orthodox crib death prevention advice: The facts and the Fallacies

...Fact (but only a partial solution):
To reduce the risk of cot death, sleep your baby face up...

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Rebuttal to the FSID Statement Regarding the Toxic Gas Hypothesis of Cot Death  click here

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