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Information about Sheepskins and Wool

Sheepskins almost invariably contain significant quantities of phosphorus, and in addition many New Zealand sheepskins contain significant quantities of arsenic.

Action of common household fungi on compounds of phosphorus and arsenic can lead to the generation of intensely poisonous nerve gases known as (respectively) phosphines and arsines. 

This gas generation resulted in the deaths of many children in Europe during the 1800s.  The cause of these deaths was discovered by the Italian chemist Gosio in 1892.

Azione di alcune muffe sui composti fissi d'arsenico, Riv d'Igiene e San Publ (1892) 3:201-230 & 261-273; Action de quelques moisissures sur les composes fixes d'arsenic, Arch Ital Biol (1893) 18:253-265

Sheepskins have been shown by analysis to contain far more phosphorus and arsenic than is necessary to poison a baby by phosphine and/or arsine gas generation.  (To view results of analysis, click on the sidebar heading Bedding analyses.)

The New Zealand Cot Death Study (1987-1990) found that of the 393 cot deaths investigated in the study, 42% of those deaths occurred on sheepskins.

Sheepskin bedding and the sudden infant death syndrome, J Pediatr 1998; 133(5):701-4

At the Sixth SIDS International Conference in February 2000, scientist Dr W R Cullen reported proof of the generation of trimethylarsine (a form of arsine) from sheepskin intended for use as baby bedding.

Arsenic methylation by micro-organisms isolated from sheepskin bedding materials, Human & Experimental Toxicology (2003) 22:325-334

The use of sheepskins as baby bedding should be discontinued.

Babies should never be put down to sleep on unprotected sheepskins.



"All wool that I have had analyzed contains phosphorus. Sheep and lamb skins contain all three elements, phosphorus, arsenic and antimony. The elements are present mainly in the skin.

The following comments assume that the mattress is wrapped in a BabeSafe cover, and the baby is within the cot/crib death risk age (12~14 months)

Wool blankets may be used OVER a baby, but NOT beneath the baby.

Sheep and lamb skins must not be used under any circumstances.

So far as I am aware it is not possible to obtain wool which does not contain any phosphorus."



Q. I have heard that there is phosphorus in most wool, yet wool blankets are

A: Wool blankets can be used OVER a baby

Q. Can someone tell me if it is true that wool has phosphorus,
A: Yes, it is present naturally

Q. And how to get wool without it?
A: You can't, but it doesn't matter so long as babies don't sleep ON it.
Sleeping UNDER wool blankets is OK.

* * * * * * *




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